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This is a brilliant time for the healthcare sector. Technology is set to transform the medical industry in tremendous ways. See New technologies to transform healthcare in 2020:

1. AI: AI is interesting right now, with major growth and massive opportunities surrounding the healthcare sector. Use of artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry will most likely grow incredibly at a yearly rate of 40 percent through 2021 — to $6.6 billion (Dh24.2 billion), from approximately $600 million in 2014.
2. Robots: Performing tasks Robots like the da Vinci surgical robot will help medical practitioners in the operating room.
3. Computers and machine vision: Already, computers are used in the medical field. They are a good source of accurate information ad the interpretation of CT scans to detect neurological and cardiovascular sicknesses. They also help to detect tumors in X-ray images.

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