Verizon has launched a new search engine called OneSearch. This new search engine is touted by Verizon to be privacy-focused. And that is definitely going to be its draw over the existing competitors like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.
OneSearch, only a few days old, is available on both desktop and mobile. It doesn’t engage in cookie tracking, retargeting, or personal profiling. That is to say, it cannot show tailored ads to users like Google has been doing by way of collecting user data.
The parent company, Verizon, has assured users that it isn’t going to share users’ personal data with advertisers. OneSearch also claims it will serve users with “unbiased, unfiltered search results.”
For those who are really concerned about top search engines and their data-collection habits, DuckDuckGo is definitely not a new name. OneSearch is basically offering the same thing DuckDuckGo has been offering. The only difference is, DuckDuckGo is a fairly smaller company so OneSearch might be able to cover a larger audience, including those who haven’t learned of DuckDuckGo yet.

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