New feature on Play Store could save storage on your Android phone

new Google Play store feature

Mostly, Android phones get filled up quick because of the numerous apps and games on the Google Play Store. You will always be tempted to download and try each app or game that catches your eye on Play Store.

Doing this, obviously, gets your Android device filled up. Luckily, Google is trying to make amends for the situation with a new Play Store feature since it can’t stop people from trying out whatever they see.

As reported by, Google Play Store has started sending out notifications to some Android users, telling them what to do to ease up their filled up storage on their devices.  The new Play Store feature basically tells Android users to clear off some unused apps on their devices.

When you click the notification from Google, you’re taken directly to Play Store. There, you’ll see a list of your apps. The list will show you how much space those apps are taking. You’ll also know the last time you used any of those apps.

Obviously, the ones you haven’t used in while may be the ones to axe out. It could be the game you tried but wasn’t all that fun so you stopped using it. It could also be some apps you downloaded but haven’t tried yet.

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This new feature on Play Store serves as a reminder to go back to see which apps you’ve not used in a while and the ones you don’t like anymore. The new feature is typically useful for non-tech-savvy people, and don’t really know much about removing apps and all that.

On the other hand, tech-savvy people don’t really need this feature since they already know their way around their apps and devices.

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