Netflix, the world’s movie streaming giant, introduces Netflix games today on Netflix mobile. After the announcement in July this year and the trials all through August, your favorite movie-streaming platform is ready to serve its gaming enthusiasts with games as well. 

The decision to add games to the mobile version is to enhance the user experience as the company looks into becoming one that brings entertainment right into the hands of its users. 

netflix games

Available games 

The five mobile games available to users of the Netflix app for Android starting today:

  1. Stranger Things: 1984
  2. Stranger Things 3: The Game
  3. Shooting Hoops
  4. Card Blast
  5. Teeter Up 

What you need to enjoy Netflix Games

  • Netflix Subscription
  • An Android device
  • Internet connection


There are no advertisements, no hidden costs, and no in-app purchases. 

The games will default to the language option you specified in your Netflix profile, and if that language is not currently available for a given game, it will default to English. 

Netflix Games will not be available for children’s accounts. Only adult profiles will be eligible to play the games.  

However, they may be played across many accounts. Once the game has been downloaded, some of the games can be played without an online connection. Netflix did not specify a limit, but it stated that gamers will be notified and allowed to sign out of a separate device if necessary.

One most important thing to note is that Netflix Games is not a streaming service. All the games must be downloaded before they can be played on the platform.

How to access the games

  1. Login to the Netflix App.
  2. Access Netflix Games from the homepage or games tab.
  3. Select the game to be played.
  4. Download the game through your phone’s Playstore.
  5. Play the game through the Netflix App.

On Android phones, there is a specific games row and games tab where you can choose any game to download. 

On tablets, there is a dedicated games row or you may choose games from the categories to the drop-down menu.

Future Plans

Netflix Games is currently not on iOS. There may be plans of introducing it there, but not much has been said about it. As the company grows, we are confident there will be more additions to the service, especially access to streaming games. 

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