Vodafone Ghana, National Communications Authority

Vodafone Ghana has indicated that it is engaging the National Communications Authority (NCA) in relation to the authority’s sanction for falling short of certain quality of service (QoS) requirements.

This was revealed in an interview by Gayheart Mensah, External Affairs Director at Vodafone Ghana, that the network operator is applying the necessary mechanisms in order to engage the NCA in a dialogue since the outcome of the QoS assessment leaves much to be desired.

“We’ve been fined by the NCA for some aspects of quality of service. We have received the letter detailing the fine and as a law-abiding organization, we are doing what is required to ensure that we are compliant, and by compliant, I mean, having the necessary engagement because we definitely have issues with the fine. We have issues with how that particular assessment was arrived at.” – Gayheart Mensah

He is of the opinion that Mobile Network Operators would ensure that the protection of the rights of consumers would be done in a law-abiding and transparent manner, explaining “the regulator is always interested in protecting the consumer and very often they would go at length to ensure that consumer rights are protected. We as operators would continue to collaborate with the regulator to ensure that even as they protect consumers, who are our consumers as well, it is done in such a way that it is fair, transparent and also ensuring that it is within the framework of the laws and regulations that govern what we do.”

It would be remembered that last month, November, the network together with other Mobile Operators, was fined a total of GHC34million by the NCA for poor quality in services.

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