If you are currently on the MTN Free After 1 offer, then it’s probably no news to you that calls to MTN numbers (on-net calls) last for 60 minutes while calls to other networks last for just 5 minutes. Your call will be automatically dropped after the stipulated period.
Quite uncomfortable with why MTN Free After 1 duration is 5 minutes to other networks? Many people are not too comfortable with that also. Personally, mostly those I recommended the offer to, come back with this feedback: This offer is not good for those who make very short calls. The charge for the 1st minute is higher than the average call rate. Finally, the loudest among them all, the calls are always dropped after 60minutes or 5 minutes.
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However, have you taken time to find out why your calls always have to last within those time limits? I know your answer is a big NO because such measures are always attributed to the service provider. What if I told you MTN has no hand in deciding this. The regulator is solely imposing the limitations of this offer by the service provider as prescribed by law.
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MTN Free After 1 duration

According to MTN Ghana, the compulsory time limit for the MTN Free After 1 duration is merely in adherence to a directive from the National Communication Authority (NCA). The NCA’s fair usage policy enforces the rule of 5 minutes for off-net calls and 60minutes for on-net calls. Therefore, MTN is just complying with the NCA’s Directive, NCA/OPT-DIST/VOL.3/88. That is why they mandatorily have to ensure your call lasts for a maximum of 60minutes or 5minutes based on the variables as mentioned earlier.
Meanwhile, the information noted can be verified from the NCA with the directive reference code noted above. Also, MTN’s explanation can be obtained from the Terms and Conditions document for the MTN Free After 1 offer.
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