Hair loss is a nightmare! Whether it’s caused because of not giving your hair the proper care or due to hormonal changes in the body, you will never feel good about it. There are many ways to help your hair regrow, but most of these ways involve tons of troublesome side-effects and are often way too costly.

Due to the high costs and side-effects, it almost seems that you might never be able to regrow your hair back. But don’t get sad just yet! We know how much you love your hair and went looking for solutions that are cost-effective and have minimal side-effects, while also exponentially helping your hair regrow.

We came across a number of natural remedies that can help you get back your beloved hair and have enlisted some of the most effective methods:


A simple scalp massage can be a major help in restoring your hair growth. When you massage your scalp, it stimulates your follicles and the stretching forces encourage hair growth in the dermal papilla cells.

You can massage your scalp for a few minutes at least four days a week and you will witness significant growth. Not only that, but regular massage of your scalp can also help you release a lot of stress and tension.

Castor oil

beans and castor oil on the black table

Using castor oil in your hair will promote hair growth and also help in thickening your hair. It is composed of fatty acids that play an important role in strengthening your hair and helping them regrow.

You can massage castor oil onto your scalp to apply it on your head and leave it for some time before washing it off. Castor oil’s consistency makes it a bit difficult to directly apply to your hair. You can mix it with coconut oil, and then massage your scalp to reap its benefits.

Low manipulation

Tight hairdo, regular changes to your hairstyles, hair colours or any other significant change in your hairstyle are a major cause for hair loss in many people, especially in girls. Try to avoid using hair products regularly as they damage the natural oils of your hair and weaken them. Constant manipulation, that is, constantly combing, pulling or styling, strains your hair and has an adverse effect on its quality.

It disturbs the natural growth process of your hair. Choose simple hairstyles that do not put a burden on your hair and try to make as little changes as you can for some time. This will help in facilitating the natural growth of your hair. Also, use natural products instead of chemical adulterants products. Browse this italian website and you will get a lot of natural options for the good health of hair here.

Onion juice treatment

Onions are something we can find in all of our kitchens. No dish can be complete without adding onions. But, did you know that onions are also a great remedy for your hair loss?

They are rich in Sulphur and keratin, which give your hair a healthy appearance and strengthens them from the roots. You can use onions to combat hair loss by chopping them, blending them and then straining it to get a juice. You can massage this juice to the areas that have suffered a significant hair loss and to your scalp. Cover your hair before washing it off about an hour later. Repeat this several times a week, and you will see significant improvement

While the onions will definitely help your hair grow back, they will also leave a strong smell behind. To get rid of this smell, you can apply lavender oil to your head.

Be stress-free

stress free
Relaxed calm woman resting breathing fresh air feeling mental balance enjoying wellbeing at home on sofa, satisfied young lady taking pleasure of stress free weekend morning stretching on couch

Our busy and competitive lives often cause stress. But being under stress will result in hair loss amongst many other problems. Any of the other methods to help regrow your hair will be of no use if you are constantly under stress.

Try to take time off for yourself. Relax and rejuvenate by trying meditation and yoga. All this will help calm your nerves and keep you stress-free. When your head is calm, you will be able to avoid hair loss and your hair will regrow naturally. Moreover, you will feel a lot better.

Wrapping up!

One thing is quite clear from all the above methods- the most important thing you can do to help your hair regrow is to take proper care by using pure, natural products. Use these tricks to help your hair grow back stronger and more beautiful than ever.

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