It appears NABCO is giving the chance to people who may have chosen wrong dates to rectify the problem. Some of our readers have reported receiving SMS from NABCO asking them to select a new appointment date.


If you received this SMS, you will have to follow the instructions in it.

Why the need to change NABCO Interview date

If you chose a date outside of your First Choice Module’s interview date, you may receive the message, an indication that you must change your interview date (see screenshot above).

As a reminder, here is the Interview Schedule per Module as published on the NABCO Website:

NABCO Module
Interview Dates (2018)
Revenue GhanaJune 18 – June 25
Digitise GhanaJune 26 – July 02
Feed GhanaJuly 03 – July 06
Civic GhanaJuly 07 – July 10
Enterprise GhanaJuly 11 – July 16
Educate GhanaJuly 17 – July 21
Heal GhanaJuly 23 – July 27

Looking at the table above, if your booked interview date falls out of your chosen module, you may need to change the Interview Appointment Date.

Also, if you chose a weekend, then you would have to change the booked Interview date.

How to change the Interview date

Update: As at 4:50 pm on 10th June 2018, it is now possible to choose a new interview date if you received a message from NABCO to do so.

Here are the steps:

  1. Log on to the NABCO application site with the email you received via SMS and your password
  2. After successfully signing in you will see a new page with instructions
  3. You will also see the dates and sessions available in your preferred district. For a list of all available dates and times, click on the “Click here to view all available slots” button. Due to the large numbers, it could be that your initial chosen district is full. You may need to choose the next most convenient district to continue.
  4. Choose the most convenient appointment time for your interview (date and session) by clicking on them.
  5. If Clicking does not work, manually enter the date in the format YYYY-MM-DD. For example, 16th July 2018 will be represented as 2018-07-16. Please note that you should not select weekend and holidays.
  6. Confirm your other details and click save.

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