My First Pay: A new mobile money transfer platform

The fintech industry in Africa keeps growing exponentially and it’s really helping as they reach people in locations who otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to utilize such innovations.
With this, a new mobile money transfer platform has been launched. “My First Pay” is the name of this new platform and comes in two versions: the mobile app and the web app.

This new money transfer platform is made by Ghanaians (My First Pay Technology Solutions) and it is operating in Ghana and Nigeria. Dr Roosevelt Eric Adom is the Head of Operations at My First Pay Technology Solutions. He said they were motivated to develop this platform because people are still using traditional means of sending within African countries.

He also asserted that at the moment, financial transactions between African countries is not that easy. Thus, My First Pay mobile app is here to make business transactions easy between countries in Africa.

Dr Adom believes the app is going to clear the way for easy financial transactions between African countries. With this, the company is planning to expand its operations to other countries on the continent.

“My First Pay is set to be the most preferred instant money transfer platform to simplify all intra-African payments and Global remittances to Africa upon its launch. We are currently transferring funds between Ghana, Nigeria and the transfer is instant. We also transfer funds from the USA to Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya.”

Dr Adom assured that the security of My First Pay’s system is top notch. He said the company runs its system “on a highly secured server and also encrypted our platform with latest security standards to make sure that our customers’ card details are highly secured and protected from suspected scammers.”

My First Card

The Head of Operations also revealed that the company is about to hit the market with a new product. That is ‘My First Card’. The use of this card is to make instant transfers of money and payments in different currencies.



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