Now that video calls are rampant than ever, one of the biggest problems we face is finding a quiet place to do them. Luckily for you, however, there is a useful software to make it happen, and we break down the process below:

How to mute background noise for audio and video calls on iPhone?

  1. Download the Krisp app for your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.
  2. For Mac, after installing the application, access the menu bar app at the top of your display.
  3. As soon as your account is created, select “Krisp microphone” as the input source in the app, to use for video and audio calls.
  4. For your iPhone and iPad device, Krisp also helps to mute background noise for audio calls. After downloading it, just sign up for an account and then sign in. Once that is done, your phone number can be used to make calls with background muting.

mute background noise calls iPhone
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