If you are a Netflix lover like myself, you might have come across one or two of these shows — The Queen’s Gambit, Someone has to Die, Rebecca and The World of the Married. If you haven’t, but looking forward to a Netflix recommendation from us, then let’s say you have stumbled on just the right article. It is time to unwind and relax, to enjoy these top 4 must watch on Netflix this week. My advice to you, Don’t skip any! They are Gold.

The Queen’s Gambit

This is a limited series with 7 episodes that centre around a chess prodigy from age 9 to 22. Definitely my number one. It has suspense, love, etc. and if you are a chess lover, this is where to learn some new tricks. Beth Harmon is sent to an orphanage at age 9 after losing her only legal guardian, her mother. This is where she discovers and develops her prowess in chess and a growing dependency on tranquillizers, which she will battle with throughout her quest to become the world’s greatest chess player.
must watch on Netflix
Beth is lucky enough to be adopted and gets the opportunity to enter into chess tournaments but unfortunately for her, her adoptive mother is an alcohol addict on tranquillizer medications. She gets better at chess and speedily becomes popular among the famous chess players in suburbia but her addiction grows even worse. To become the world’s greatest chess player, Harmon must win her rematch with the then greatest player Borgov (the Russian), after her first failed attempt.
Between losing her adoptive mother and manager, to experiencing unrequited love and squashing her savings on fancy clothes and shoes, Beth Harmon turns to alcohol and tranquillizers for solace which sends her into a self-destructive spiral. Can she beat her addiction and loses in life? Can she rethink her priorities just in time for the biggest match of her life?? And can Beth Harmon beat world’s best chess player Borgov who has never lost a match? Grab a coke and some popcorn because you are about to get glued to your TV. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Someone has to die

A Spanish-Mexican thriller limited series with just 3 episodes about a young man in conservative 1950’s. Gabino leaves Spain to Mexico to live with his aunt because of the mystery surrounding his grandfather’s death. He returns home with his friend Lazaro and discovers an arranged marriage had been set up for him and the daughter of his father’s business partner. Gabino, however, is in love with his friend Lazaro who has no idea but rather fantasises Gabino’s mother.
must watch on Netflix
In the 1950’s it was a crime for a man to love his fellow man and Gabino’s father was the head of police enforcing that law. People began to spread rumours about the relationship between Gabino and Lazaro. Gabino’s fiancée had by then developed affection for Lazaro while her brother also tried so hard to keep a past encounter he had with Gabino from coming to light. Everyone had a secret to protect. Someone had to get hurt, someone had to go to prison and someone had to Die.


When beautiful handmaid of an old rich woman gets the opportunity to attend her madam’s event due to ill health, she encounters Maxim de Winter, the latest wealthy widower in town. He is handsome, rich, a gentleman and is attracted to her. She finally agrees to be with him and they get married, but everything turns sour after they move into his estate.
must watch on Netflix
Mrs De Winter must battle with the haunting shadow of his first wife, Rebecca, and must contend with his sinister housekeeper who made sure that Rebecca’s legacy still lived on long after her death. Can she uncover all the mysteries and secrets in the house? And can Mrs de Winter gain the respect which is due her as the new wife of Mr de Winter? This movie is definitely worth your time.  It is thrilling, psychological, suspenseful and love is beautiful.

The world of the married

Their marriage was perfect, and the envy of all neighbours and friends until Seon-u notices an unfamiliar strand of hair on her husband’s scarf. She gets suspicious, starts tailing her husband and discovers her worst nightmare had come to pass. He was having an affair with a younger girl. Then she, unfortunately, discovers some shocking news about this affair that throws her into a dilemma. This man she had given her whole life to was a struggling filmmaker who contributed nothing to the upkeep of their son and home.
As a successful and respected doctor in the small community they lived in, she had to decide on getting a divorce or giving her husband a second chance. This is a Korean drama with 16 episodes of emotions flaring up, intense suspense, violence, love and romance. There are a lot of life lessons to pick from this one, you might want to get a notepad and pen just in case.
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