Mulan Activities Center

Somewhere in Adjiriganor, East Legon, there’s a haven for kids, Mulan Activities Center, that sometime in the coming weeks, will be opening its doors to the public.

When opened, the center will offer to the general public services that include drop offs, after school activities, and library services. Also kids’ catering and event hosting, as well as the kiddy and teen salon will also be available for patrons to access at the center.

Mulan Activities Center as part of its stated mission, has declared a commitment to “providing excellent standards of care for the development of each child.” To achieve that mission, it’s necessary to create a warm, friendly, safe, and caring environment for kids to thrive in.
It is known that in early childhood development, play learning and related interactions challenge and stimulate children to develop to their full potential for any given stage and age. With this in mind, the Mulan Activities Center is well optimized and equipped to fulfill that need.

Benefits for Your Child

  • A safe and secure environment that allows children the freedom to explore and be adventurous.
  • Highly qualified staff, constantly trained to keep them updated on modern standards and requirements of childcare.
  • An atmosphere where children feel at ease, and look forward to coming over for recreation.

Aims and Objectives

  • To meet each child’s individual needs by working in consultation with other professionals for the benefit of the children.
  • To encourage children in decision making, by allowing them choose activities that promote independence.
  • Have open communication with parents and their wards, as well as other staff members to promote transparency in all areas of service.

Early childhood comfort is important in the psychological development of children — aside other areas in the child’s growth journey. For the modern-day busy parent who has to spend the early hours of the weekend away at a function, it’s a relief to have a relative, or even better, a professionally run space to drop off your child(ren). Mulan Activities Center presents more than just an environment and an event. It provides a wonderful experience you’ll appreciate as a parent or guardian.

Mulan Activities Center

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