MTN Ghana has increased the prices for its TurboNet data and fibre broadband effective March 2, 2020. The new TurboNet fixed data bundles is now available at varying cost for different data options. The 5GB data is being sold for Gh¢ 25, the 10GB data comes at the cost of Gh¢ 50, while the 45GB and 225GB data is being sold for Gh¢ 145 and Gh¢ 295 respectively.
MTN’s TurboNet data bundles do not expire. Other data packages on sale aside the bundles stated above are the Flexi bundles available also for TurboNet. Flexi bundles comes to give customers the flexibility of buying any amount of their choice between Gh¢ 25 and Gh¢ 5000 at their own convenience. To purchase Flexi bundles for MTN TurboNet kindly follow this procedure:

  1. Dial *5057# from your linked mobile number
  2. Select buy bundle
  3. Select option 5 to enter the amount you want to purchase
  4. Enter any amount between Gh¢ 25 – Gh¢ 5,000
  5. Confirm purchase
  6. Select your preferred payment channel
  7. Approve purchase
  8. Enjoy superfast internet

The options for MTN TurboNet payment includes MTN MoMo, Airtime on Broadband and Mobile Airtime.
The TurboNet router is a plug and play super high-speed 4G internet router that comes with a high-power external antenna and data SIM that enables it to deliver fast internet in 4G locations. Suitable for homes and offices, TurboNet provides instant high-speed internet for up to 32 users simultaneously. To get started on TurboNet:

  • Buy your TurboNet router which comes with a 4G Sim card at a one-time device cost of Gh¢ 499.
  • Register your SIM Card and pay for your preferred bundle. Pre-paid bundles can be purchased via *5057# or Mobile Money *170#
  • Enjoy unbelievable internet speeds

Customized data bundles can be bought from *5057# (USSD) and web self-care portal To swap or exchange TurboNet for a Fibre Broadband account, place a request for an upgrade from MTN.
Customers who purchased TurboNet routers with an existing 5GB offer will still receive the monthly 5GB every month until the offer period expires in 6 months.

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