MTN reduces mobile money charges

MTN reduces mobile money charges

MTN Ghana has recently issued a statement to announce a reduction in their person to person mobile money charges by twenty-five percent (25%) from its original one percent (1%) charge. What this means is that instead of the one cedi you will formerly be charged on every hundred cedis transaction you do, you will now be charged only seventy-five pesewas. Transactions from thousand cedis (Gh¢1,000) and above are also capped at Gh¢ 7.5. Now, if you send thousand cedis, you will only pay seven cedis, fifty pesewas as mobile money charge instead of ten cedis.

Also, all peer to peer transactions up to Gh¢ 100 on all networks are free from the 1.5% electronic levy charged by the Ghana Revenue Authority.

MTN reduces mobile money charges

This seems to be part of the measures taken by MTN to stay competitive in the mobile money space and maintain its dominance in the market. It has also been reported to be part of the company’s corporate social responsibility strategies to ease the perceived burden on Ghanaians as a result of the electronic levy and other economic pressures.

Skeptics are still wary about the measure and see it only as a temporary strategy by the big telecommunication firm. Nonetheless, this seems to perfectly align with the Ghana Revenue Authority’s strategy of a phased and gradual implementation and acceptance of the electronic levy while still maintaining the gains made in digital inclusion as a result of mobile money technology.

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