MTN Mobile Money Fraud is a serious threat to subscribers of Ghana’s largest mobile service provider, MTN Ghana.
In my last post, I shared some of the tricks and methods these fraudsters employ to deceive their victims.
Today, I want to provide simple ways to identify a fake MTN mobile money fraud SMS or calls by these fraudsters, so you don’t even waste your time with them.

Here are five ways to identify an MTN Mobile Money Fraud SMS or Call

1. 024 430 0000 is MTN Ghana’s official contact line

If you receive a call from any other than 024 430 0000, and the person claims to be calling from MTN Ghana. It is a BIG FAT Lie. For matters relating to customer queries, promotions and rewards, satisfaction surveys, etc., that are directed towards customers, MTN Ghana will call you with 024 430 0000.

2. MTN Ghana won’t call you with a Fixed phone line (Landline) from Vodafone or another network

Note that MTN Ghana is a mobile service provider and has no business using a 3rd-party fixed line to reach its customers under no circumstance. It doesn’t make sense for MTN even to call its customers with a competitor’s network. DON’T FALL for this cheap scam. An example of such a fake or fraud number is 0303938413.

3. MTN Mobile Money SMS will appear with a sender ID – MobileMoney

If you receive an SMS on your phone without the Sender ID as MobileMoney, please, it is not from MTN Ghana. Most fake MTN SMS from these fraudsters will appear as a number. An example is 0543313167.  If someone calls you to tell you they mistakenly sent you money, and you check your phone and don’t get an SMS from MobileMoney, ignore that person, He or she is a fraud!

4.  Most fraudsters speak in vernacular, e.g. Twi or very bad English.

Even though we have educated and smart fraudsters, the known and reported crimes so far have been perpetrated by individuals who intentionally purport to be uneducated and calling from a distant place to win the sympathy of the victim.

5. Most of the SMS’ these fraudsters send to their victims have notable grammar errors in it. See the sample below:

sample MTN mobile money fraud sms
From the above screenshot, you can see a spelling mistake like BOLCKED, and also MTN Ghana won’t use !!! in their messages to customers.

Final Thoughts

MTN Ghana is open to assist in getting these individuals arrested. Don’t hesitate to report any attempt or crime. Together let’s get these fraudsters out of business.
Please take note of these and don’t fall victim to these cheap scams.
Looking for popular MTN Mobile Money Fraud numbers, click here. If you want to know how to report an MTN Mobile Money Fraud attempt or crime, click here.

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