Find out how you can enjoy up to 50% payment discount on MTN Mash-Up

MTN Mash-Up

Are you a subscriber on MTN Mash-Up? I’ve got good news for you as MTN Mash-Up (MTN Pulse) has gotten even better. Though MTN has not done any adjustment to the internet data and call minutes it offers on the package; it now gives you the chance to generate discount codes as you visit selected stores listed with them.
What this means is, assuming you visit the Silverbird Cinema on Mondays, for a ticket of GHS 200, you only get to pay half of the amount after generating a discount code on MTN Mash-up (MTN pulse) — MTN pays half of your bill for you.
The new loyalty reward package introduced by MTN is known as Pulse loyalty, and it is MTN’s way of rewarding customers who have subscribed to its Mash-Up offer.
I have explained below the selected places and discount percentage Pulse Loyalty will be rewarding you with. Read on with me.

Silverbird Cinema

Silverbird Cinema is the highest discount reward place on Pulse Loyalty. MTN Pulse offers you a whopping 50% discount on movie tickets purchase at Silverbird. This reward package runs only on Mondays, that is why it is called Cinema Monday.

Potbelly Shack

The discount you get to enjoy at Potbelly Shack from Pulse Loyalty is not specified, but you are promised a great discount on every meal you buy there. This runs from Monday to Thursday.


UKBrand Store

Are you a clothes fanatic? Then this discount is ideally meant for you. Pulse Loyalty gives you a 10% discount on each of your purchases of affordable fashion at the UKBrand Store every Wednesday.


Pulse Loyalty has another discount for all food lovers. You get to enjoy a 5% discount on all your meals purchased at KFC. This discount is available only Fridays. if you turn up for a meal on Friday, Pulse Loyal will save you 5% of the cost of your food.

How to get discounts on MTN Mash-Up

All you need to enjoy the discount rewards on Pulse Loyalty is a discount code. To generate your discount code to enjoy any of the rewards, dial the MTN pulse short code, *567# and select option 4. This gives you a list of the four places I earlier explained, so you can choose which discount code you wish to generate.
MTN Mash-Up
Pulse Loyalty is currently available to every MTN customer, regardless of whether or not you have an active MTN Mash-Up bundle. The last thing to note about Pulse Loyalty is that because each discount place has specific day or days of being valid, you cannot generate the discount code of any of the places if it is not the day for the discount reward.
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