The National Communications Authority (NCA) has released a report on mobile subscribers and the market shares of the telecommunication companies in Ghana. According to the report, which points to activities of the Ghanaian telecom industry as at the end of October 2019, MTN Ghana was the dominant telco in the country in terms of market share.

MTN from the report, had a 53.54% market share, which translates to 21,463,215 active subscribers. Vodafone came next with 23.27%, which is a representation of 9,328,713 active subscribers.

With 8,572,856 subscribers, AirtelTigo had a 21.39% share of the market. Glo followed with 722,589 subscribers, representing 1.80%.

Breaking it down to the specific data subscriptions, MTN still leads.

4G data subscriptions

By the end of October 2019, the total of 4G subscribers were 1,959,367. From that, MTN has 1,765,387 4G subscribers. That is 90% of the total number.

Vodafone placed second with 145,520 4G subscribers, representing 7.4%. Surfline, Telesol, and Blu, who are ISPs came next with 45,346, 1,821, and 235, respectively.

2G & 3G data subscriptions

MTN has 68.74% of this section with 17,487,913 combined subscribers. AirtelTigo outpaces Vodafone by having 4,174,264 3G/2G subscribers. This is 16.41% of the total.

Vodafone then comes in with 3,513,525 subscribers (13.81%). Having only a 1.04% share of the 2G/3G market, Glo is represented by only 265,535 subscribers.

This report shows that MTN Ghana is accountable for more than half of the telecommunication industry in the country. And looking at the numbers, it seems impossible for even the nearest competitor, Vodafone, to level with it anytime soon.

The statistics here are pointing to the fact that MTN Ghana is the biggest telcom company in the country as it controls more than twice the market share of Vodafone, its competitor. It also reveals that  MTN has no real competitor, probably owing to better products and services.


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