In the fourth episode of MTN Hitmaker season 9, the 12 bootcamp graduates were profiled for the public. What makes the individual contestants tick? From their musical influences to their family backgrounds; read more on these budding future stars below. You might just discover your favourite.


Pashyn is as her name suggests, as passionate as they come. She’s so much about the music that she’d always choose her love for singing over money. Doesn’t mean she’ll do free gigs in future though.
MTN Hitmaker 9 Profiling of final 12Pin
Pashyn comes from a family blessed with the voices and ability to sing, as her older siblings also sing. She discovered her talent at age 10 and has been nurturing herself for a music career ever since. When she isn’t singing or cooking some premium Ghana Jollof, Pashyn can be found either hanging out with friends or just sleeping the tiredness away. The 24-year-old young lady represents North Kaneshie.


This 24-year old whose government name is Othniel Nii Odai Adjei, loves cooking and has Bruno Mars and Sarkodie as the megastars whose styles he admires, and would love to collaborate with in future.MTN Hitmaker 9 Profiling of final 12Pin


Rodney Bryan Johnson (RBJ) is a rhythm and blues (R & B) Afropop artist who likes to be in the company of people carrying a positive vibe.
MTN Hitmaker 9 Profiling of final 12PinHe wishes no one ever lies to him and hopes he is not pressured negatively. RBJ sings beautifully.

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Josh Blakk

Josh Blakk is the name of this young man with a melodious voice and vibe. He is a High-fro (Highlife-Afropop) artiste who believes he doesn’t have to chase love because he is already made of love.
MTN Hitmaker 9 Profiling of final 12PinJosh Blakk is a guitar head who would always choose money over love. Vim, Josh!!


A man of many talents with a unique name. His name Gabi (Gabriel) and Nova (brightest star) are symbolic as he believes this is his season to shine. He enjoys singing, dancing, and making people happy.
MTN Hitmaker 9 Profiling of final 12PinGabiNova was a contestant in MTN Hitmaker 8, and this time, he intends to win the competition. He enjoys the flow and style of international artists such as Fela Kuti, Michael Jackson, Dr Tumi, and Justin Bieber.


Mimi is not the best definition of quiet and shy because though she appears as such, she is a different person when on the mic. She believes that showbiz is actually for the shows, so there’s no reason for her to coil into her quiet and shy shells when she can blossom into precisely where she wants to be.
MTN Hitmaker 9 Profiling of final 12PinMimi is an “R & B” Afrobeat songstress who likes reading. Mimi, just like GabiNova, was a contestant is Hitmaker 8, and this time, she’s back; refined to win. Return of the alumni. Will her faith be rewarded? We are following closely.

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Nessa Cute

Nessa Cute is a “dancer-turned-singer” who appears very assertive. She is also a skillful keyboard player and a stage actress.
MTN Hitmaker 9 Profiling of final 12PinShe hates all evil deeds and is very frank to say things as they are.


19-year old Jimi started singing in class three. He hails from the Volta Region (Ho) and admires Kidi’s emotive singing. Thus, he desires to collaborate with him if given the opportunity.
MTN Hitmaker 9 Profiling of final 12PinPrecisely, he wishes to get for himself a Mercedes Benz BTM class when he gets the money for it.

Koby Tuesday

Koby Tuesday takes his name from being a Tuesday born. Hailing from Kumasi, he comes to add some Kumerican flavour to Hitmaker 9. He sings beautifully and describes himself as trying to find his way around. His rule is simple; add swag to all the things you do.
MTN Hitmaker 9 Profiling of final 12PinHe is busily chasing after money, and if he gets what he wants, perhaps he will buy his mum a car, feed his family, look for a girl, and then spend on her.

Kwacy Boat

Kwacy Boat is a rapper in the competition who doesn’t feel intimidated by the presence of the other singers. He started his music journey in Senior High School –Accra Academy– when he got the chance one day during entertainment to woo his colleagues with his music vibe.
MTN Hitmaker 9 Profiling of final 12PinHe admires the likes of Wanlov the Kubolor, Ponobiom, Strongman, Mugeez, and Lil Win. When he is not rapping, he enjoys his life as a pencil artist.

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Adepa is a mysterious lady who always appears on set with a mask on. Though she is hoping to reveal her face to her fans when she gets to the final stage, we have our fingers crossed to see if she will change her mind in the process.
MTN Hitmaker 9 Profiling of final 12PinShe is a gospel singer, a playwright, and a stage actress.


Achiaa is a 23-year old storyteller who we will describe as a “Lapaz girl.” She completed the Holy Child College of Education and looks forward to adding a certain vibe to the competition.
MTN Hitmaker 9 Profiling of final 12PinShe enjoys the songs of female vocalists such as Adina, Celestine Donkor, and Efya.
So far, this is the little we were able to gather from a chit-chat with the contestants. We are still on the lookout for juicy information, so follow us to know what happens in the next episode.
MTN Hitmaker 9, Unlock Your Flow.
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