The fifth episode of MTN Hitmaker season 9 started with twelve electrifying performances by the twelve finalists who sang chosen covers. Based on the order of appearance, let’s dive into the performances of the live show one.


Pashyn came on stage singing Joe Mettle’s” Ga medley” as a way of expressing her appreciation to God for bringing her far. After her performance, Kaywa (judge) commented on how much he loved her entry, and although she was pitchy in the middle, she quickly recollected herself, bringing her A-Game on.


Bryan was the second in line. He sang “Solidad” by West Life because of the emotions in the song.  From a judge’s perspective, Eassy was in love with his emotional composure but wished he had used the mic in order to have control of the song because he sounded piercing at a point.


RBJ came on stage to sing “Adiepena” by Kidi, who happens to be his favourite artist. His song choice was a way of communicating to the world that he was in the competition to make things happen. Representing Awoshie, he sang to express how he feels about love. Richie commented that though RBJ didn’t sing anywhere like Kidi, he enjoyed his session. RBJ has a unique voice, and once he pays attention to it, it will take him far.
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Josh Blakk

Josh Blakk came on stage to re-echo the words of Kwabena Kwabena, singing his beautiful song,  “Obi do wo a, do ni bi.” From the judges perspective, Kaywa recounted the soothing and interesting aspect of Josh Blakk’s performance. But though the contestant was great to listen to and watch, his modulation was inconsistent.

Gabi Nova

Gabi chose the classical style when he sang Lucas Graham’s “7 years song.” According to him, the song was more of a training technique for him as it was a way to stretch his vocals to its end of elasticity, intending to have a good vocal experience. Eassy showed how proud he was of Gabi because he had a beautiful performance — with his voice texture and voice quality — just on point. His performance was an amazing one, although he didn’t exert too much energy in it.


Taking a cue from Beyonce’s Spirit song adapted from “The Lion King”, Mimi was ready to take over the show. Richie, who liked the thought and effort Mimi placed in the entire performance, and her effective coordination with her dancers said her performance was a difficult one to listen to because she was pitchy from the beginning to the end. He, therefore, advised the contestant to take time working on her singing ability than the song and art involved in it.

Nessa Cute

Nessa Cute was on stage to show her sponky reggae side — singing “Shy Guy” by Dina King. Her personal choice was influenced by how she related best to reggae fusion. Kaywa applauded her awesome performance because he enjoyed the contestant’s vocal ability and mic control when she had to pitch.


Timi Darko seems to have influenced the musical side of Jimi a lot as the contestant admitted that Timi’s song “Medicine,” gives him an indescribable feeling and as such, wants his listeners to feel the same. But from the Judge’s point of view, Eassy advised Jimi to choose the right songs to carry the audience along so they can vote for him because the song choice for his first performance was not the best.

Kobby Tuesday

For most people that still hold Michael Jackson at heart, Kobby Tuesday made an appearance to pay tribute to the late artist because he is a big fan of his.  Performing Michael Jackson’s “You are not alone” Kobby did his best to connect with the audience but couldn’t get the right approval from Richie, the judge. According to Richie, though the contestant has a nice voice, he was not so enthused by his performance as his song choice made him very pitchy.

Kwacy Boat

Kwacy Boat appeared on stage with a different level and vibe to speak to people who do not mind their business. Singing “Efa wo ho ben” by EL, Kwacy Boat came to change the narrative according to Kaywa. Though the judge is not a fan of rap music, he was able to enjoy the Kwacy’s performance because he was lyrically audible.


Adepa, the mysterious lady, as it is gradually becoming her brand in the competition, got a 100% approval from the judges. Singing Pastor Joe Beecham’s “Se me kae a” Adepa the gospel singer sang to recount the things she has gone through, and though she sometimes has the urge to retaliate, it is only the grace of God that prevents her from reacting negatively. Adepa, the mysterious lady wooed all judges, showing how serious she is for the competition.


Achiaa, the last contestant to perform for the day showed her inspirational side, singing “You Raised Me Up” by Westlife. Concluding the day’s performance beautifully, she was able to capture the attention of the judges with her strong voice. She was however advised by Eassy to work on singing from her diaphragm.
Luckily for all the contestants, the live one performance was an eviction free.

How to vote for your favourite contestant

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MTN Hitmaker 9, Unlock Your Flow.
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