Ghana’s leading telecommunication company MTN Ghana for some years have been providing its customer in Ghana with new services. One of the services that I have personally wished for long was introduced in Ghana somewhere in 2014. MTN Ghana has a service that allows subscribers to bundle internet data for friends and family using their calling credit. Most people, including me; had wished for a service that can enable us to share the already internet data bundle we have with our contacts on the MTN network. In 2014; this additional service as added, and this allows subscribers to share their internet data with other subscribers. I have been with MTN Ghana for eight years and counting, and I must say these services just got me glued.
I am very sure a lot of people will share my sentiments. This was a service the people needed. For reasons best known to MTN Ghana, this service has been temporally ended. Subscribers can only bundle for other subscribers using their calling credit.   To activate: Dial 1381# and select option 6, and follow the prompt to choose your preferred bundle.
Already know how much you need to spend on data? Then great! You can now enjoy savings when you choose from our selection of data bundles. Not only that, but you also get to enjoy excellent Internet coverage with the fastest speed.
To activate: Dial 1381# and choose your preferred bundle.

Pay As You Go Internet Bundles

Data Bundle Price (GH¢) Validity (Days)
Daily Offers
20MB 0.50 Daily
50MB 1.00 Daily
180MB 3.00 Daily
350MB 5.00 Daily
Weekly Offers
25MB 1.00 7
60MB 2.00 15
150MB 5.00 15
500MB 16.00 15
300MB 10.00 30
1GB 20.00 30
2.5GB 40.00 30
4GB 60.00 45
6GB 80.00 45
10GB 120.00 45
200GB 399.00 30
Unlimited Offers
n/a 1.50 24 Hours
n/a 3.00 Midnight Only (12am – 5am)
n/a 150.00 30
Social Bundle
400MB 5.00 30

Upon exceeding or exhausting a bundle bucket before the validity period, a PAYG subscriber can buy another bundle or browse at the pay per use tariff of GH¢0.10499 per MB.

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