MTN is poised to revolutionise video gaming in Ghana; already started with the MTN Gaming Conference

MTN Gaming Conference

As video gaming is gradually becoming a major industry on its on worldwide, telecoms company, MTN Ghana has seen it prudent to revolutionise the video gaming industry in Ghana as well. With this focus, the company has held its first “MTN Gaming Conference”.

This move is all part of a big step to improve the Ghanaian gaming world. Already, the company has been organising a series of gaming competitions in the country over the past few years.

The aim of the recently held MTN Gaming Conference was to set up a platform that will bring industry stakeholders together to discuss ideas on the development of interactive games and how to strengthen the future of the Ghanaian gaming industry.

The Chief Marketing Officer at MTN Ghana, Noel Kojo Ganson, pointing to a report from Newzoo, said the video gaming industry alone raked in about €100 billion worldwide last year. Thus, he was affirming the fact that the gaming industry is a lucrative one.

Knowing that as a fact is why MTN is joining in to help the stakeholders in the gaming industry and that includes everybody from the programmers to the designers, audio professionals and the business decision-makers, and even the players.

The Marketing Officer said, “Ghana can take a cue from this to reduce the percentage of unemployed if the Gaming Industry is well developed”.

As the leader in the telecommunication sector, we have made some great strides in unearthing talents in the Game industry through our Apps Challenge and MTN Shortz competitions organized over the years.

“We have had very good Games emerging as winners out of these competitions, for example, the Oware 3D app. Further to these initiatives, we used our Internet Month festivities to promote e- games during the MTN iFest Conquest which were held in Accra and Kumasi for the youth where mouth-watering cash prizes where won.”

Triforce Johnson, the Chief Executive Officer of Empire Arcadia Esports Team, also said there is the need for all stakeholders in the video gaming industry to come together to build a strong industry for the continent.

To him, there are a lot of opportunities in Africa as the gaming industry is still in the primary stage.

Renowned international game consultant, Eric Elder remarked that:

Financially, again gamers made close to $140 billion last year and all of Africa only accounted for about a billion dollars so less than a percent of the total market. So there is a huge opportunity for growth not only in Ghana but across the continent.”



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