On Friday August 20th, personnel from various media houses gathered at the Labadi Beach Hotel for MTN Ghana’s 2021 Media Forum — held as part of activities marking the 25th anniversary of MTN Ghana.

2021 Media Forum held in Accra

The event, which was attended by the top brass of MTN Ghana — including CEO Selorm Adadevoh — as well as media bigwigs such as Mr Roland Affail Monney, GJA president, was used as an opportunity to highlight the achievements and impact the telecom service provider has had on the local economy in the last 25yrs, from 1996 till date.

During his presentation, Mr. Selorm Adadevoh recounted the MTN journey so far, from 1996 when operations started, to various milestones through the year including the launch of 3G, MoMo, MTN Foundation, 4G LTE, IPO which raised over a billion Ghana Cedis, and 4G+, among others.

He reiterated MTN’s appetite for growth going into the future; where it intends to maintain its position at the forefront of Ghana’s digital progress as well as continuing in its investments in Health, Education, and the digital infrastructure of Ghana and Africa.

He announced that MTN will exit other markets to focus on Africa; with $200m being invested in infrastructure — this anniversary year — to complement the growth and evolution of digital needs in Ghana and on the continent.

Mr. Adadevoh noted that there is a huge demand for data services, with the average MTN user consuming 4GB of data monthly, which is 50% more than the previous year. This calls for investment in infrastructure.

He went further to say that with Ghana’s desire to be a digital economy, it is necessary to invest in infrastructure, as without such investment, the desire will only remain a dream.


Continuing his address, he touched on the focus of MTN Business on SMEs by providing affordable business connectivity, unified communication solutions, create thought leadership platforms, provide productivity apps and platforms, as well as partner SME support organisations.

MTN going forward…

Ambition 2025

Built on 5 pillars, namely

  • Fintech solutions (MoMo).
  • Digital services (Ayoba).
  • Enterprise services
  • Network as a Service (NaaS)
  • API marketplace (Chenosis).

Customer Care 2.0

A self service-centric strategy that focuses on putting power into the hands of customers so they can do things on their own.

This will be achieved by

  • Designing processes from the customer’s point of view
  • Educating customers to interact on digital channels.
  • Maintaining a consistent customer experience across all channels.

Etornam Siaw of Media General guest moderated the event with music provided by the award-winning Alabaster Box who started off with their popular ‘Akwaaba’ song. Eno Fosuah providing a spoken word performance to round off the entertainment segment of the event.

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