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mpower payements

MPower payments service “powering” shopping experience and empowering e-business culture.

Ghana is gradually moving away from a cash based economy to an electronic card payment system and online payment.

With data services becoming relatively cheaper with every passing day [Read more on Vodafone X vs. MTN Pulse] and mobile phones are becoming abundant.

Online shopping is also on the rise with the emergence of online stores like Tonaton, OLX, Zoobashop, etc. The average Ghanaian with access to internet is now surfing, shopping and buying goods and paying for services online.

This new form of shopping catching up with Ghanaians has informed the emergence of new technologies and payment gateways that enable the seamless transaction of goods and services online.

One of such payment service is MPower.

In this post am going to break down what inner working of MPower and how individuals and businesses can use its “power” to perform transactions online in Ghana.

MPower is an online and mobile payment service that enables users pay for goods or services purchased online but it’s much more than that though, keep reading to find out more about how it can power the individual and businesses shopping experience.

MPower is a new payment service that works with your preferred digital wallet or bank account to offer a cheaper, safer, and overall better payment experience. It is a complete end-to-end online and mobile payment transactions solution to enable consumers and businesses send, spend and receive payments.

New technologies are putting our lives, our communities, and our world at the tips of our fingers; mobile money, debit/credit card, internet banking, bank electronic transfers, etc.

With MPower, we’re using those same ideas to build a new payment experience that’s powered by you..

MPower is an ideal form of payment for both individuals and businesses (online or brick and mortal store) to perform or accept payment for goods purchased.

How MPower payments works for individuals

Traditionally in Ghana payment systems like PayPal, credit cards cannot be processed here and this is where MPower comes to help the individual shopping online and wants to make payment for any goods purchased

  1.   All you have to do is signup for a free MPower account
Opening an MPower account is free.
Photo Credit: Mpower

Signing up for an MPower account takes a minute or less and the best part it’s absolutely free. Click on image to sign up






  1.   Add money to your Mpower account.
Upload money to your MPower account from your prefered payment method
Photo Credit: MPower

MPower supports all popular payment forms; Bank Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), Mobile Money, Internet Banking/Direct Deposit, Speed Banking Cash Vouchers and more. Simply enter the required details to move money to your MPower account.







  1.   Spend your money
Go shopping online, send your money to anyone or transfer and receive money from anyone
Photo credit: MPower

Now here’s the fun part (not that parting with your money is fun though) Go ahead and pay for the goods or service you purchased online at any shop that accepts MPower payments. Individuals can also send, transfer and receive money from anyone to their MPower wallet.







  1.   Top up or Pay Bills
Avoid traffic, hussle and bussle.
Photo Credit: MPower

Individuals can use MPower to settle their DSTV, GoTV, ECG, Surfline bills and also top up mobile phone credit (yes it supports all forms of Mobile Wallets)


How MPower payments works for shops (Online or brick)

If you are a business owner whether you have your shop online or in a traditional brick and mortal setting, MPower works same way and enables businesses to accept payment from individuals with an MPower Account

Businesses have to sign up here: Remember to pick the Business type when choosing the account type.

MPower has made its API integration so easy so as to enable payment transaction fit beautifully into online checkout process.

For traditional brick and mortal businesses simple get an MPower device in your shop and accept payment from MPower users that purchase goods from your store.

On MPower Payments, some transactions are free while others attract fees as indicated in the fees structure below.

MPower service fees rates

** -Transaction requires currency conversion at rates provided by our settlement banks.

^^ – Transaction may require a currency conversion at rates provided by our settlement banks.

Following the gradually popularity of MPower in the Ghanaian online shopping sphere. MPower has recently introduced MPower token a service that enables non-MPower-wallet users to receive money from MPower users via a token, and cash out at any ATMs , Banks or any Agent where MPower is allowed.

READ THIS: MPower payments introduces MPower Token

MPower is a very convenient payment service, safe, and secure form of payment. It is also convenient for sending and moving money from and to your bank account, mobile money wallets without all the hassle of moving about looking for a vendor or joining long queues in banking halls.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when using the service

  • All charges are payable from your MPower Account
  • Request for transactions that attract fees are authorized only if there is sufficient money in your Mpower Account to cover both the transaction and the corresponding fees involved
  • To manage your money safely there are transactional and daily limits on your account. You can increase or reduce these limits subject to some requirements as captured in our service Terms of Use.
  • Registration is free
  • No monthly service fees are charged

MPower is built and managed by SMSGH and Encodev Labs; and backed by a group of developers and entrepreneurs passionate about using mobile and web technology to drive social change.

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