There are much to do when you are relocating to a new home, but with this list of essential things to do before moving, the process will be a whole lot smoother.

1. Doing a walk-through

The best time for doing a thorough walkthrough in the new house is when it is still vacant. Before setting up furniture and start unpacking, have a look through the home. Be sure to check that:

  • All repairs that were pre-approved were carried out by the former owner.
  • Everything included in the sale agreement is visible in the home.
  • Everything works well, including switches, fixtures and outlets and that all appliances were left in the house as per the sale contract.

2. Start figuring out what needs to go

You will save yourself valuable time and money if you plan the new setup in the home instead of just chucking things wherever you find space. This is particularly useful for large furniture and appliance pieces. It’s good to have a basic idea of what you want to place in which room. You can always make changes later.

3. Prioritizing repairs

Unless it is a newly built home that didn’t have any prior owners, the likelihood is that there will be some repairs necessary. Make sure you know what they are after a home inspection is done and prioritize any repairs before moving day.

4. Locating the water valve and fuse box

Its recommended to locate the fuse box as well as water valve at the new property since these are two essential things you will need to switch off in the event of a power outage or if you need to turn off the water due to a pipe burst.

5. Ordering a deep clean

A professional cleaning company can clean the new home from top to bottom before you move in. It is well worth beginning your life in a new home which is clean and neat.

6. Child/Pet proofing if necessary

If you have small children and pets, then a useful step is to do initial pet and childproofing to ensure the new house is safe for everyone in the family.

7. Changing the locks

It is good practice to think about changing the locks in the new house. You never know who might be having keys to the home. It’s always better to be safe and have no regrets later. Re-keying locks on all the doors that lead to the exterior and interior of the home as well as the windows is a small expense for re-assurance and peace of mind.

8. Ensuring that utilities are sorted

It’s best to arrange utilities before enlisting the aid of any of the Las Vegas moving companies to help you move and on the moving day itself, verify if the water, cooling, gas and heating work appropriately and that your internet is set up. Call the local waste management company to make sure your home has garbage pickup secured.

9. Changing your address

You might have already changed your address with the post office before moving and contacting West Coast Moving Systems; however, if this is not the case, then it should be done as soon as possible. Notify family and friends, the bank, subscription services and any loan providers you have. If you are moving interstate, the department of motor vehicles must be contacted to arrange for a new driver’s license and motor vehicle registration.
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