Ghana has cast aside its stigma as an undervalued player in the gaming and esports markets – and we love to see it. 

The first quarter of 2022 has drawn to a close and Ghana has already outdone its past performances with a remarkable leap in global esports. The Ghana Esports Association (GEA) led the charge by advancing Ghana’s participation in the World Esports Championships at year’s end. Additionally, the GEA has been commissioned by the Global Esports Federation to organize national qualifiers for the selection of Ghana’s team reps in the looming Commonwealth Esports Games.  

Motherland Gaming TV is a fast-growing faction within Ghana’s esports scene. Since the company’s launch in mid-2021, the startup has acquired YouTube Partnership status with over 1000 subscriptions and watch time well over 4000 hours. In association with PUBG Ghana and GEA, the esports company is currently streaming the PUBG Ghana League on the Motherland Game TV YouTube Channel. After the season concludes, the top seeded teams will square off in the PUBG Ghana Championship. The tourney’s champion will represent Ghana in the PUBG competition during Bali 2022. 


Giiks Game City (GGC) is a popular gaming group based in Madina, Accra. GGC was featured alongside Accra based outlet, Esports Africa News in a groundbreaking encyclopedia titled ‘Innovate: Gaming and Esports.’  

“The INNOVATE® Gaming & Esports book showcases the people, companies, products, and services that are leading the race within the gaming/esports industry’s innovation ecosystem.” – Official Website 

When two of Ghana’s premiere esports groups are listed in the industry bible, it is clear that the country’s gaming scene is covered with an undeniable glow. A commanding aura that is directing a spotlight on all of west Africa – a region that refuses to keep score while others play for the riches. 



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