Monitor employee screen activities with spy software for computer

The employers across the world have been using different techniques and tools to monitor their workers’ activities inside the workstation. From surveillance cameras to human supervision, there are several methods to monitor and boost the efficiency of workforces. However, the most advanced and efficient tool to monitor employees is spy software. The technologists have developed monitoring and spy software to closely watch out the workplace activities of workers. The spy software for computer allows supervising activities performed on company-owned computers. This article discusses the usefulness of spy software for computer. Read on to know how employers can take advantage of the computer monitoring software to keep their workers under surveillance.

Most Advanced Spy Software for Computers

There is a wide range of computer monitoring software enabling users to keep track of activities performed on the monitored desktop and laptop computers. It can be challenging for beginners to pick up a trustworthy spy program out of innumerable choices. We have reviewed the most popular tracking software applications to find the best monitoring solution for business persons.

When compared, the computer monitoring solution of TheOneSpy is found to be the most advanced spy software. It comes preloaded with scores of features enabling users to keep track of activities performed on computer devices. We have discussed here the high-tech features of computer tracking software to help understand the usefulness of the spy software.

Screen Recorder Spy Software for Computers

TheOneSpy offers several features to secretly and remotely track activities performed on a computer device. The screen recording is one of the powerful features that allow user to record whatever appears on the computer screen. This lets you capture real-time computer activities of workers without taking their devices into possession.

The computer monitoring software comes with a web portal through which the user of the spy program can send command to the monitored computer. To start screen recording, the user needs to send a command via web portal. The monitored computer receives command and starts capturing whatever appears on the computer screen. The user can either take screenshots or make short videos to record activities performed on the monitored computer by employees.

Monitor Online Activities

The spy software for computer lets you monitor online activities of workers. No matter which website your worker has opened and what is he searching for, you can supervise every single action. The spy software lets you record YouTube videos that are being watched by your worker in real-time. Whatsoever your worker does using the internet can be witnessed and captured with the support of screen recording feature of the computer spy software.

Monitor Offline Activities

The high-tech computer monitoring solution also lets you track activities performed without the use of internet. Whether your worker is playing an offline game on his system or killing working hours creating and editing photos, you can capture everything.

How to Get Secret Screen Recorder Software

To get the screen recorder software, you need to subscribe the computer monitoring solution of TheOneSpy. Download and install the spy software on the company-owned computers to start tracking activities of workers. You need to pay a nominal amount to subscribe screen recorder software for a specific time period. However, before subscription of the spy software, make sure that your targeted computer is compatible with the spy solution. Read on to know about compatible devices and price detail of the secret screen recorder software.

Compatibility and Pricing of Screen Recorder Software

The screen recorder software is compatible with desktop and laptop computers running Windows and Mac operating system. The Mac monitoring solution of TheOneSpy supports MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini running macOS 10.5 to 10.12. The Windows spy software is compatible with Dell, Samsung, HP, Acer, Sony, LG and all computers running Windows OS 7, 8 and 10.

The one-month subscription of Windows spy software costs around $40. The Mac monitoring software can be subscribed for $40 per month and $60 for 3-month. These prices are subject to change from time to time. Click here and here to check out latest price and feature detail of spy software for Windows and Mac computers.

The Bottom Line

The spy software for Windows and Mac computers enables employers to keep track of online and offline activities of workforces. The employee monitoring software allows tracking activities performed inside and outside the workstation. The employers can also track remote workers by monitoring their computer devices with the use of spy software.


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