Mobile Money fraud prevention requires a lot of personal responsibility. From keeping your MoMo PIN a secret that only you know about, to avoiding Mobile Money deals over the phone with total strangers, there’s a lot that you — the individual — has to do in order to protect yourself from being an easy target; while keeping your funds intact in your MoMo wallet.
This article would provide you with some easy, everyday tips to serve as guidelines on how to prevent yourself from falling victim to the scheming fraudsters.

Tips for Mobile Money fraud prevention

A lot of these tips only need a slight lifestyle adjustment in order for you to carry them out consistently until they become part of your nature. Below are the five tips for Mobile Money fraud prevention.

1. Never share your MoMo PIN

Too many people don’t adhere to this piece of advice enough. It is never advisable to share your Mobile Money PIN with anyone — not even your beloved spouse. Why is that? This is because it is easy for them to inadvertently reveal your MoMo PIN since subconsciously, they are not obligated to protect it jealously.
Some people, in order to not forget, might even go to the extent of noting the code down in a diary; a recipe for disaster if the person is usually careless with their diary.
There may be extreme situations or emergencies where you had to share your PIN with a close family member to undertake transactions on your behalf. In such cases, quickly modify your PIN as soon as they return your phone to you. That way, the PIN they know would become obsolete as it’s no longer in use.

2. Don’t have money conversations in public

This second Mobile Money fraud prevention tip is definitely a common-sense approach to the problem. Would you take out your wallet and start counting money in a place where pickpockets are common? No. So why would you be talking about your money deals in public — and sometimes while riding public transport?
If you don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to yourself, then, simply don’t have money conversations in public.
And that aside, you should always be aware of your surroundings. Some people can be so engrossed in the conversation they’re having — such that they fail to notice the people coming in and going out around them.

3. Smartphone keyboards can be dangerous

I once downloaded a 3rd party keyboard to my smartphone. After a while, I noticed the keyboard AI had memorized my four-digit PIN code. I only had to tap on the MoMo PIN space for the number to be in the keyboard’s suggestions.
In my opinion, it is best to use a feature (dumb) phone for your MoMo account. If not, go with a keyboard (e.g. Google keyboard) that doesn’t take liberties.


4. Don’t be greedy and cheap

Some people fall victim to Mobile Money fraud simply because they are greedy and cheap. Greedy because they just chase any opportunity to double their money or make some abnormal profit. Cheap because… why should you believe that a GHS1,500 electronic gadget would sell for GHS700 on a Facebook ‘business’ page?
Too many people became victims of the fraudsters simply because they thought they were being smart. Remember to live by the old saying “not all that glitters is gold.” and let it serve as a Mobile Money fraud prevention alert.

Final words

There are lots of Mobile Money fraud prevention tips, but, these ones are the common sense approach to the situation. There’s nothing written here that you can’t follow through or adhere to. Want to stay safe from the fraudsters? Stick to these tips.

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