With the recent global launch of MIUI 12, Xiaomi has finally announced itself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to manufacturing smartphones, and also, in mobile operating system development.
Having come a long way since 2010, MIUI now has over 328 million active users (monthly) in over 221 regions around the world. And what’s more? It supports 80 languages now. Not so bad for a decade in the industry.
But then, what is this hype regarding the latest MIUI version all about? For people who are already users of the platform, the additions to functional features would simplify life for you with added security and privacy enhancements. For users of other platforms, get close to your friends who own Xiaomi devices, and you might just become a convert.
Below are what to expect in the latest version of MIUI.

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MIUI 12: What’s new on the platform?

Rendering engine

The bumped up rendering engine enables advanced colour blending and real-time Gaussian blur. When light penetrates materials, you get to see various degrees of blurring effects.
MIUI 12 features: Xiaomi's operating system living up to the hype
Also, the rendering engine introduces a G2 continuity curve — allowing the interface to fit the hardware seamlessly.

Weather app

Inspired by nature, the new weather app becomes your window into the transient world. With the update, you only have to swipe the screen to view the weather situation in different cities — as if you were living right there.
MIUI 12 features: Xiaomi's operating system living up to the hype
Mirroring reality, snow, sunshine, rain, and instantaneous weather changes are displayed on your screen — in real-time — so that you can experience those moments too.

Animations are lifelike

With MIUI 12, animations are lifelike. The visualised UI lets you understand — at a glance — the status of the system. Everything you view is graphic; giving you a truly interactive experience.

Super cool wallpapers

Imagine your space-themed wallpaper coming to life. Okay. Now stop imagining because this is real. With the martian theme, the planet spins when you swipe through the home screen.
With MIUI 12, your Always-on display, as well as Home and Lock screen, are brought together into a unified and immersive experience.

Ultra Battery Saver

Losing power when you need your device to be running is one of the most anxiety-inducing experiences one can ever have, which is why MIUI 12 comes with the Ultra Battery Saver. This enables your phone to stay 5 times longer — while on standby — with only 5% of power left.

Enhanced Privacy Protection

Enhanced permission control in MIUI 12 means permissions can only be active while you’re using the app. Information such as location can be erased before sending photos.
MIUI 12 features: Xiaomi's operating system living up to the hype
With the upgraded operating system, background processes for apps, such as camera, microphone, and location, cannot go unnoticed. A notification icon would indicate on the status bar when such background processes are ongoing. Simply tap on the icon and disable the permissions.
The additions coming to the MIUI platform are much more compared to what is listed here. The user experience is about to become a lot more interactive and immersive, and users can only look forward to when it is rolled out to their particular devices.
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