Rosemond Brown is a Ghanaian actress and social media personality who goes by the name Akwapem Poloo. On her son’s birthday on June 30, 2021, she posted a nude picture of herself while with her son. This gesture raised concerns by many Ghanaians who described the act as domestic violence. The Director of Child Rights International Ghana, Bright Appiah, who couldn’t let the matter slide, pressed charges against Akuapem Poloo.
After the complainant petitioned the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) on the issue, the Social media personality was later convicted on charges of publication of obscene material and domestic violence.
That was the start of the woes of Akwapem Poloo. Her situation depicts exact instances of how notable people misuse social media in this country. Thinking they have attained a celebrity status to do so, most people post disturbing pictures for varied reasons. Sadly, not many people see social media as a powerful tool that can cause positive change in society. The case of George Floyd’s death in America and the EndSars protests in Nigeria, are examples of how social media could advocate for the right causes. Therefore, it is essential that culprits of nude pictures desist from the act, looking beyond traction and popularity.

 Akwapem Poloo
Akwapem Poloo

Akwapem Poloo got herself on the wrong side of the law when she involved her son. Though she claimed she was ignorant of the effects and posted her picture out of pure intents, ignorance they say is no defence. The 7-year old boy stood in front of her naked mother, top-less with only his pant on, which was of much concern to many.
The message that followed the picture Akwapem Poloo posted was a touching one, and a lot of her fans thought the same, as reported by GhBase at the time. Her only fault, however, was to expose her son in an unruly manner.
People often forget that whatever you put on social media remains there forever, and since it is traceable, it could be used to haunt you down or bring back good memories at a due moment. Social media is a vast space and can be used as pleased, but when, among all the things you could do on the platform, you post nude and semi-nude pictures, that is considered abuse.
Akwapem Poloo posted the picture in June 2020, but in April 2021, she was sentenced to 90 days imprisonment. Her punishment was only to act as a deterrent to the many people engaging in the same thing on various social media platforms.
Many people never got punished when they faltered, and I think Akwapem Poloo was only unlucky not to have escaped the grips of the law. This should serve as a huge lesson to us all, so that the next time you intend to post an unruly picture on social media, you think twice about it.
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