Sometimes, nothing can be done to avoid paying above what you’d want for airfare, however, there are some things you can try to ensure you do not pay more than you should. See Mistakes to avoid when booking a flight:
1. Remember alternate airports: Several cities have a lot of good airports. If you focus on just one, you will need to pay what they are asking for.
2. Search on an incognito browser: Rumor has it that airlines and booking engines can show higher fares on routes that you have previously searched.
3. Avoid booking on days when prices are higher: Except you are booking travel for work, it is best to book a flight over the weekend when you have more free time.
4. Do not fly on Friday or Sunday: Airlines boost airfares for Friday and Sunday flights because these are the most likely days for leisure travelers and vacationers to travel.
5. Do not ignore other costs: Human and financial costs are key too.

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