Graduation is always a happy moment for every student, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, several students have been missing out on the opportunity to celebrate this education achievement with the normal ceremonies they are used to.
To help with this sad reality, however, virtual graduations are now a thing and and Microsoft is helping with it. If you are not aware, on Microsoft Teams, a large size of the audience is currently allowed and from May till July, anyone with a Microsoft Office 365 A1 faculty license will be able to run Teams Live Events with up to 20,000 attendees for free.

Microsoft virtual graduations students
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According to Engadget, the regular limit for Live Events is 10,000 plus license holders can hold fifty concurrent live events, for up to sixteen hours.
As Facebook runs its personal virtual graduation ceremony alongside Oprah Winfrey and other TV personalities, Microsoft has shown that it has the students in mind. It might not be as seamless as the physical gatherings, but it is definitely a great alternative during the lockdown.
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