The Microsoft Office Suite: What it is, and 5 reasons why you'll need it

The Microsoft Office Suite is a set of productivity programs that includes components such as Word; arguably the world’s most popular word processing tool, Excel; used for creating and editing spreadsheets, and PowerPoint; for creating interactive presentations. In addition to these, the suite includes an email program among others.

What is the MS Suite?

Microsoft Office Suite, or MS Suite as it’s commonly abbreviated as, is the collective name with which the set of home and business productivity software from Microsoft is referred to. The Microsoft Office Suite of includes such notable programs as:

  • Microsoft Word; a word processing tool.
  • Microsoft Excel; a program for spreadsheet creation and editing.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint; for creating interactive presentations.
  • Microsoft Access; a program for database management.
  • Microsoft Outlook; used for email and calendar management; and
  • Microsoft OneNote; which is an application for note-taking.

Although there are other popular software packages which offer some competition, Microsoft Office programs are regarded as the standard — most notable among them being MS Word, and MS Excel; for word processing and spreadsheet use, respectively.

With the Microsoft suite of programs, parts of it are available both for online use in a web browser, as well as local use on the user’s computer.

Importance for businesses and individuals

As noted earlier, MS Office Suite is very popular with users and business entities with around 80 percent of businesses using it. For professionals and businesses to compete at their best, they need to be making use of cutting edge technology. Here are some reasons why this is your best bet when it comes to office productivity tools.

  1. Its Popularity: Being the most widely used software means that you don’t have to go through another learning curve if you have to change jobs. The skills you already have can immediately be transferred to and used at new jobs. You won’t be the odd one in the office when you learn to use the MS Office Suite.
    That aside, Microsoft Office has now been adapted to be compatible with mobile. Known as Office Mobile, it offers free versions of Office applications for mobile devices. There’s also the web-based version; Office Online, which you get included with your Microsoft account.
  2. Multipurpose Use: Are you a business data analyst, or an accountant trying to keep track of transaction records? Excel is the software for you. Do you have to type a speech, draft a blog post, or write a cover letter or CV? Word is your surest bet for getting that done. Do you have to make a presentation of your business proposal?PowerPoint is what you need for that.
  3. Easy To Use: Office applications, depending on what you want to use them for, can be used for much complicated operations as well as simpler ones. The latter is one of the standout features of Office — as it allows people of any age and basic skill level to simplify functions so as to increase productivity.
  4. Tutorials Available: Due to its popularity with businesses and professionals alike, Microsoft Office Suite is one software that can comfortably boast of an abundance of tutorials for every stage and skill level. Most of the time, getting an MS Office Suite tutorial is as easy as finding videos online, or signing up for a course in the module to be specialized in.
  5. Online Support and Security: Your Office subscription comes with online support included. Also, in a world facing an increasing threat of sophisticated cyber attacks, Microsoft has made it their responsibility to keep your data and information safe. From their data centres where all data stored in the cloud is housed, Microsoft scans messages and documents in real-time for cybersecurity threats. This essentially makes it one of the most secure cloud services on offer.

Where To Get It

Here in Ghana, there are no official Microsoft outlets, however, there are dealers from whom you can get the genuine product. One of such is CANWest Limited. The list would get updated as and when more outlets are identified.


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