Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 operating system in January of next year

Brace yourself if your PC still runs on the Windows 7 operating system. After more than 6 years and two and a half Windows versions, Windows 7 has been dethroned and Microsoft has started the countdown timer for the end of its life.

Launched in late 2009, the operating system sits between Windows Vista and Windows 8 — both of which are widely considered to be flops. Until last month, it was the most used Windows version, and as users prepare to say goodbye to it, they will also be saying hello to Windows 10 and the headaches that come with its updates.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the operating system will stop working right then as lots of people will continue using it beyond January 14, 2020. However, you’ll be less protected as Microsoft will no longer provide official support and even critical security fixes to Windows 7.

The only way you can get new features and security updates now is to upgrade to Windows 10. And considering Microsoft’s recent track record regarding updates, that might not be comforting to think about, especially for business owners and tech administrators who’d prefer having functional PCs even during updates.


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