micorosft edge chromium browser available

The stable version of the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser is now available for download for both Windows and macOS. Microsoft revealed its plans to switch to Chromium just over a year ago and we now have the actual product.

In May last year, a version of the browser was made available for macOS users but it was obviously not the real McCoy. Some features the browser professed to come with include:

  • Internet Explorer mode: An integration of the old Microsoft browser into the new one via a tab.
  • Improved privacy tools.
  • Collections feature: Designed to help users “collect, organize, share and export content” from the internet.

The news now is Microsoft has plans of automatically updating Windows 10 users with the new Edge Chromium browser. Thus, it is going to replace the existing Edge on Windows 10 machines.

NOTE: Not all the features will be available initially as Microsoft is planning to make these features available later when it officially rolls out the Edge Chromium browser to the general public. Some of the features are history sync and extension sync.


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