Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge web browser leaked online

World’s largest desktop OS provider, Microsoft, is remaking its flagship browser. The web browser, Edge, is from the company’s latest and current OS version, the Windows 10. The Chromium-powered browser has leaked online ahead of its official release, which is unknown.

Links for downloading the new web browser are posted all over on file sharing platforms. The download links can be found on popular beta software sharing forums as well. The version leaked online right now looks more like an early copy of what Microsoft was soon going to release for public testing.

New few features

This new Edge browser from Microsoft is rebuilt with Chromium as the base. Early versions of the new browser had support for Google Chrome extensions, as well as some customisations to the user interface. The Chrome extensions can be installed straight from Google’s online store.

Microsoft wants you to bring your Chrome experience to its new Edge, so it has added a syncing feature. Currently, you can sync Favourites. You may also be able to sync things like settings, history, open tabs, passwords, etc. when the browser officially lands.

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The new browser has a read aloud accessibility option. It reads the page out loud just like the older version of the browser. Its performance on Windows 10 machines is quite cool. The browser is very fast to launch and browse around with.

Features still to come

With all these inclusions from Chrome, there are a few features missing from the new Edge browser (at least the beta version). It currently doesn’t include some features of the typical Edge browser as you might know it.

One feature Microsoft has not put in the browser yet is the set aside tabs feature. Another feature that has not been included yet is the ability to write with a stylus pen. And just like Google Chrome, the dark mode setting, right now, can only be done via a testing flag.

The ability to sync things like settings, history, extensions, open tabs, passwords, and autofill information is still yet to be included in the browser.

A version for Mac is also being worked on by Microsoft at the moment. The only thing is, it is not clear if the Mac version will also come at the same time as the Edge for Windows.

The public release date for the new version of the Edge browser is still not out yet. It is believed it will come soon since internal tests suggest the builds are stable and work pretty well.


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