Microsoft brings Android apps to Windows 10 via its “Your Phone” app

Microsoft brings Android apps to Windows 10 via its “Your Phone” app. The app shows a list of your Android apps mirrored on Windows 10 PCs.
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The world’s largest desktop OS company, Microsoft, has started testing the updates of its Your Phone app for Windows 10. The tests have already started this week. From the tests, the Your Phone app allows Android users to mirror their phone’s screen directly onto a Windows 10 computer.

The technique is similar to how iPhones are mirrored in the iTunes desktop app when connected. The “phone screen” feature, as they call it, will be available for Windows insiders by the end of this very week.

One requirement for this update is the latest test builds of Windows 10. You will need this plus the Your Phone app for the feature to work. Previously, Microsoft had demonstrated the phone screen mirroring feature in the Your Phone app. This happened at the company’s event for its Surface computer in October last year.

How it works

The Your Phone app works by showing exactly a phone’s screen on the Windows 10 screen. It, as well, shows a list of your Android apps.

You can tap on the listed apps to access them. The opened apps will appear in the remote session of your phone mirrored to the computer.

Your Phone app technically works by using Bluetooth with Low Energy Peripheral technique to communicate and mirror Android app to Windows 10 computers. Thus, Microsoft is trying to add Bluetooth with Low Energy Peripheral mode as a requirement Windows computers now.

Using this technique means not many Windows-based computers will be able to partake the initial testing of the feature. But, Microsoft’s own Surface Go computer is the first Surface machine to support the beta test.

Also, Microsoft is restricting the number of phones that can partake the mirroring experiment. Currently, it is only available for Samsung’s Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S9, and S9 Plus.
The company says it has plans of expanding the list of phones and PC devices soon.

Microsoft isn’t a pioneer in this

Microsoft’s screen mirroring is not the first attempt to bring Android mobile apps to desktop. Others have already tried it and it worked, but they are usually slow. Bluestacks is a similar software.  Dell also already has its Mobile Connect software. Both these software products try to let users experience Android on their Windows computers.

Though Microsoft is only testing the feature, for now, it does have support for older Windows 10 versions.

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