If you are a Michigan driver or car owner, I have some good news for you. As of today( June 10, 2022), you are eligible to purchase a digital license plate for your car in Michigan, as announced by the Michigan Secretary of State.

The Michigan Secretary of State says drivers can purchase digital vehicle license plates.

Let’s consider a few things before we learn how to buy a Michigan digital license plate.

What is a digital license plate?

A digital license plate is an electronic license plate (also referred to as a digital display license plate) that is a vehicle-mounted identification device that emits a radio signal for tracking and digital monitoring purposes controlled via a mobile app.

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Where in Michigan can you buy a digital license plate?

You can purchase a digital license plate from Reviver.

What are the benefits of using a digital license plate?

  1. Using a mobile app, you can control the Reviver digital license plate in the palm of your hand.
  2. You can personalize the look of your digital license plate.
  3. You can now register and renew your vehicle registration right from the Reviver app.
  4. You can track your vehicle at all times, and if your car or digital plate is stolen, your digital license plate will wipe every data on it and display STOLEN.

NB: Your personal information is not stored on the digital license plate.


What is the cost of the new Reviver digital license plate?

The battery-powered plate costs $19.95 a month for 48 months for a total of $957.60. Or $215.40 a year for four years for a total of $861.60.

The wired plate costs $24.95 a month for 48 months for a total of $1,197.60. Or $275.40 a year for four years for a total of $1,101.60. Professional installation costs $150.

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Are Reviver plates legal in California?

Reviver is now selling its products in Michigan. The digital license plates can be driven throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

It’s called the RPlate and there is a battery-powered plate option or a wired plate option. The battery-powered plate can be self-installed and comes with a replaceable 5-year battery.

How to buy a Michigan digital license plate

To purchase your digital license plate in Michigan, click here.

I hope you find this article useful. I will update this article with extra information as and when it is made available.


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