Ghana’s number one real estate marketplace, Meqasa.com, has published an industry report that highlights the state of the real estate economy in Ghana in the midst of Covid-19.
This document is intended to serve as a public library for data concerning the real estate economy, it’s challenges during this pandemic, the upsides, and the way forward. The report also features articles about acquiring land in Ghana, emerging real estate markets and government interventions in the face of Covid-19. The Meqasa real estate report 2020 can be viewed by clicking here or by visiting meqasa.com.
This real estate report is another innovative product from Meqasa in a long line of tools that seek to serve as bedrocks for education, guidance, and information for all things real estate. This is particularly evident in the recent endeavours of Meqasa including Ghana’s first-ever Online Housing Fair in June 2020, an exclusively digital event which successfully provided property seekers all over the world with top real estate developments at amazing exclusive discounts.
The online housing fair was accompanied by 2 highly patronized webinars that allowed property seekers to engage directly with real estate experts. In addition, Meqasa launched Meqasa TV in July 2020 to provide dedicated information about serious real estate topics and issues in Ghana.
The meqasa real estate report 2020 will complement the continuing efforts of meqasa.com to provide unparalleled service to the public, including education on the state of real estate in these times and other pertinent sectors of the economy.
meqasa.com is Ghana’s number one real estate marketing website which has been providing online and offline real estate solutions since its inception in 2013. The platform is particularly trusted for dealing with top real estate developers and verifiable agents in the Country. With over 45,000 listings, meqasa.com provides a comprehensive marketplace experience, connecting real estate seekers with property owners and real estate professionals. Meqasa is also a leader in conducting offline housing fairs, bringing the online experience offline to a physical space.
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