Battling coronavirus is actually more than washing your hands with soap and water. It is not just about the physical things you do, your mental health plays an important role too. Want to get yourself prepared during these troubling times? This article can help.

1. Togetherness: Having someone to talk to when movement is restricted is key right now. This is the time to value your family and loved ones the most because you are all in this together. Focus on them and reconnect with them if that has been lacking due to work. Do things together and you won’t even know there is a virus outside.

2. Hit reset: No matter how serious the epidemic is, this is the time to get rid of any pressure you might be under. There is no better time to slow down and concentrate on getting a strong mind and body while reevaluating your goals and objectives. Be positive in these trying times and hope for the best.

3. Mix things up: Try something new, something you have not done before. It could be watching workout clips, working on podcasts or writing on blogs, just keep your mind and body busy and be creative with it. Taking online classes and learning a new skill will not be a bad idea too.

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4. Accept uncertainty: This means you going with the flow and not getting too anxious if things are not going according to plan. When you accept that anything can happen at a time like this, you will be more relaxed to cope with whatever the current situation throws at you.

5. Improve: Is there something you have been working on for some time and wish to improve on? A time like this, when you are locked in the house is a useful period to improve yourself in that area. You have all the time in the world to better yourself until the crisis settles down. Take advantage of it.


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