Make no mistake, this man is no Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos. Neither is he Mark Zuckerberg or the other prominent IT gurus and entrepreneurs in the word you might have heard of, but Ransford Parker is making a name for himself in the IT industry, and it is one which is undoubtedly putting Ghana on the spotlight.
It is certainly no fluke at all that the organisers of the World Changers Summit 2019 decided to hand him the crown for the best media entrepreneur for the year 2019. And to make things clearer, he beat off competition from several IT gurus across the globe for this prestigious award.
Ransford Parker
Undergirding this great achievement is a clear case of exceptional talent, ingenuity and extraordinary giftedness which has seen him make implausible strides in his field.
The organisers would have certainly looked at his exploits in Ghana where he is the e-marketing officer of Get4Less, one of the fastest-growing wholesale and retail electronics company in Ghana, to honour him at the 2019 edition. The company was recently named as the official sponsor for the 2019/2020 Gamers Lounge inter-campus tournament season.
Most significantly, Ransford Parker is the founder of, Fonola Mall, the first online shopping mall in the country which is aimed at providing its clients with the feel of a physical shopping mall experience right from their comfort zones.
Ransford Parker
But what else do you not know about the reigning best international media entrepreneur of the year? Let’s find out …

About Ransford Parker

Ransford Parker is the Chief Executive Officer of Phonola Multimedia, the Founder and Board Chairman of Fonola Mall, an online shopping platform that gives its visitors the feel of a physical shopping mall experience right from their comfort zones. He is also the e-Marketing manager at Get4Less Ghana, a fast-rising wholesale and retail electronics company based in Ghana, West Africa.
Mr Ransford Parker is a multimedia guru who specialises in photography, graphic design, website authoring, video editing, animation, App development, and a host of digital creatives.
He holds a B.Sc. in Business Information Technology from Greenwich University, U.K and an Advanced Diploma in Business Information Systems from the Association of Business Executives, UK. In addition to his credits, he has a professional qualification in Sun Java Application Development obtained from the National Institute of Information Technology, India in 2007.
Mr Parker’s professional engagements span the globe. Though he is now stationed in Ghana, he has virtual offices in various countries including the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, and the United Arab Emirates.
His latest invention, Fonola Mall, is an e-Commerce shopping platform, developed to bring diverse companies together to showcase their products and services. Fonola Mall is the most exclusive virtual shopping mall and entertainment centre in Ghana that brings all the best shops, restaurants, entertainment centres and lifestyle needs under one roof.

Ransford Parker
Ransford Parker(Right) was honoured at this year’s World Changers Summit

Fonola Mall is more than an e-landmark for business owners; it is another branch of their shops right on their client’s digital devices and computers.
Mr Ransford Parker is also the President of Heal the World Foundation, a local N.G.O based in Ghana. Heal the World has been in operation since 2007 and has been instrumental in feeding and clothing Ghana’s vulnerable homeless children and women. The foundation has provided food, clothing, and monies to more than 3000 people since its first regional outreach.
Mr Parker is happily married to Moms, as he affectionately calls her, and is a father to Jayden, Jaydah, and Janice. These three rambunctious minions who are the centre of his world.

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