All nations across the globe have scientists working tirelessly to find a coronavirus vaccine as I type this. As we wait for a solution to be provided, the reality is that it might not happen anytime soon. Don’t be surprised if the world does not get a vaccine until 2021.
For now, several doctors and specialists are doing everything possible to make use of available drugs to help with coronavirus treatment, however, do we have any promising leads? Let’s find out. See four advances in medicine that will help coronavirus patients:
1. Chloroquine: In America, the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, has approved chloroquine for coronavirus. It is still for limited emergency use and is yet to be advertised as a cure for the virus. Till now, the UK has not approved its use until more successful trials are carried out.
2. Remdesivir: Another drug is Remdesivir, the medicine that was originally used to tackle Ebola but failed. Despite the failure to cure one disease, scientists are still working on it and recently discovered that it could inhibit SARS and MERS, meaning, it might be of help with coronavirus.
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3. Favilavir: An antiviral drug, it has been used in China since the country started battling the deadly virus. It was actually the first medication to be approved by the National Medical Products Administration of China for the virus. The research on the drug has been positive and it actually helped to treat coronavirus with minimal side effects. More clinical trials are needed though.
4. Ritonavir and Lopinavir: Combining both is believed to help coronavirus patients. They are known antiviral drugs and are mostly combined to create Kaletra, a drug for HIV. Ritonavir and Lopinavir simply work together to inhibit enzymes and reports have said it might be able to do the same for coronavirus enzymes.

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