The primary goal of the mechanical reasoning test is to assess the ability of the candidate to use engineering and mechanical concepts for solving problems. It is to understand the mechanical and physical principles of an individual before giving him the job.

Here, the candidates will receive MCQs depending on some principles such as magnetism, expansion, compression, forces, levers, springs, gears, gravity, and electricity. Using proper understanding and knowledge, the test-taker should select the proper answer to prove his worth.

Depending on the norms of the company:

Now, depending on the roles of the company that you are applying for, sometimes you might have to make calculations like conversions and units, basic mathematics, and even focusing on calculating areas.

  • There are multiple publishers who even have to write tests for mechanical reasoning.
  • The most popular ones among the lot will be the SHL Mechanical Comprehension Test, Barron’s Test of Mechanical Aptitude, Stenquist Test of Mechanical Aptitude, Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude, and also the Bennett Test of Mechanical Comprehension.
  • The mechanical reasoning test is widely used by employers to measure critical thinking. 
  • It is also focusing on attention to detail and problem-solving skills within the context of engineering and mechanical concepts. 
  • The assessment will ensure higher employee performance.
  • It further helps in identifying top talent where mechanical reasoning is needed as a prerequisite for the said role.

More to know about the test:

The mechanical reasoning test for employers is going to work out as common assessments given for the technical jobs like engineering roles and positions in the emergency services and also in the armed forces.

  • This kind of mechanical reasoning test is going to cover the major concepts like pressure and sound energy forces, electricity, kinetic energy, momentum, and more.
  • This test will also talk about the properties of multiple materials alongside the heat transfer, to name a few.
  • This test is mostly targeted to be quite useful for employers who are looking for talented individuals who are able to solve the complex version of the mechanical issues with logical thinking.

Reasons to use mechanical reasoning test for the recruitment value:

Around 74% of the employers admit that they have hired the wrong people for the position and around 78% of the resumes are misleading. Then you have the skill assessment tests to help out employers ensure that candidates have all the right skills they need to perform the job well.

  • The current mechanical reasoning test helps in demonstrating the ability of the candidate in core competencies, which are needed for mechanical and engineering-based roles, and also how the test-taker is able to cope under some pressure.
  • The test will be presented to all in your talent pool and will offer the right comparative data to help you come across some more informed hiring decisions.
  • Every candidate will receive a score to help compare and advance only the strongest ones to the next stages.
  • During the early recruitment stages, it will further help to reduce the hiring bias as the decisions will mostly be driven by data.

Takes time to compile the answer:

The results for the mechanical reasoning test will come in handy with the other assessments that the candidates will take to produce a much-needed candidate report. This report will then be generated automatically and then made available online and also as a downloadable PDF so that it can be shared with some other team members and even the employees alike.

Going for the MCQ option over here:

The mechanical reasoning test will have various multiple-choice questions, which are presented with the help of diagrams. A top-notch candidate has to determine the mechanical principle which is being illustrated and then select the right answer from three other distracters. 

  • The difficulty level is subject to vary based on the job role that the candidate has applied for.
  • The tests will further be timed, and that will add an extra level of pressure and complexity for the candidate.
  • The test is likely to be around 20 to 30 minutes, which will provide the candidate with 1 minute roughly for every question.
  • It helps in stimulating what that real-life scenario will feel, and it further works in favor of the candidate to perform right under stress.
  • The MCQ value will reflect some of the specified industrial sectors, and that helps in stimulating situations that a candidate is here to encounter in a role that you have advertised. 
  • For some of the civil service roles like civil engineering, the mechanical reasoning test is going to measure your skills and understanding of the key principles.

So, it is vital for companies to get in touch with the best mechanical reasoning test to help find the best candidates for their job roles.



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