We all want to create a good impression on our first date. However, getting the wrong kind of food can ruin everything. Let’s help you prepare for this moment by showing you Meals women must avoid on their first date:
1. Burger: Do not be that girl that eats her burger with a fork and knife, and is also scared to pick it up since the ketchup might drip down your fingers. Just save yourself this stress and stay away from it.
2. Draw Soup: You will not like yourself if it ends up staining your pretty dress.
3. Spaghetti: Things could get awkward with this meal. It could be more dangerous when this spaghetti has a lot of sauce.
4. Meals you know nothing about: Yes, it is good to try new things, but not on a first date. Go for meals you know.
5. Beans: Imagine farting out loud in front of a guy that you are meeting for the first time? Wrong move.

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