Here are 5 Promising features of the McAfee Total Protection Program

McAfee Total Protection Program features

Mcafee Total Protection provides antivirus properties for your windows. It can filter malicious content in URLs, encrypt files, secure files when deleting, and many more. It is the latest anti-spyware software of the year 2020 from the company Mcafee.
Defend all of your devices from malware, spyware, viruses, or ransomware attacks while being your identity is safe and secured. It guarantees complete protection with amazing features such as password managers, virtual private networks, data shredding, encryption, and, most importantly, security.
In this article, we will dig deeper into the features that the Mcafee Total Protection claims to offer. Helping you see the pros and cons, and what operating system it runs to before purchasing the said product.

Anti-Spam Toolbar

One of the features that McAfee total protection review offers is the unique Anti-Spam toolbar, which caught the attention of many people. This toolbar prevents unauthorised emails from entering or sending emails to your inbox. It is an advanced feature with filtering rules that are updated for the safety of your email accounts.
You can customise filters according to your liking or adjust the filtering level for your needs. Anti-Spam identities websites that are potentially phishing information of the users. If you happen to access fraudulent content online, McAfee will redirect you to a different and safer page.
You can add from the toolbar email options like marking the emails of your account. Using a browser of your choice, it automatically connects to your email account to filter messages and keep them safe.

Intrusion Detection System

They included a firewall that makes choices on your systems so that you can automatically access the Internet. Options like these are very hard to find in other antivirus software available in the market, making users have a hard time to figure out or know possible actions their program can provide.
An Intrusion Detection System claimed to be its best feature with two settings called the Basic and High. You can also have access to VPNs. Same as with the safe browsing feature that it provides, the Intrusion Detection System can monitor networks that have malicious activities. If the software can detect those, it will automatically send reports to their administrator.

McAfee Interface

The Interface of this program has an expansive opening screen and provides details showing your security status. It has a security report that you can view and a panel where you are recommended to optimise applications or set up password managers.
They show real practical value on its Interface that indicates updates and launch scanning properties. An icon of three dots can direct you to a status report of its more detailed features. From there, you can see that the firewall updated system and antivirus work according to their functions.


Identity Theft Protection

This fantastic feature will secure and protect your devices from identity theft. Identity thefts happen where people from the Dark web are monitoring. This software allows cyber monitoring, making users track their details such as email addresses, credit and debit card accounts, and even social security numbers.
It blocks unauthorised people or hackers from doing activities, accessing, or manipulating your system. With a promising secured firewall, the users you see will be anonymous in public, making it hard for hackers to get personal information and data, or track your location.

Mcafee’s Shredder

There are instances that we accidentally or unintentionally delete files. Some people cannot retrieve their deleted documents or data, but with the shredder feature, it permits users to retrieve records in the drive.
This feature is beneficial for those who don’t know how to get files back to their desktop or devices. When a user’s file is permanently deleted, the McAfee shredder secures the deleted files to prevent other hackers or very advanced tech thieves from gaining access to data even if it is already removed.


Mcafee has several features. Users can install Mcafee total protection on various devices. Promising and reliable features of this newly released antivirus software are amiable, and people love it. Many people recommend using this program because it has features that are unique and not like any other. Listed above are features that the Mcafee Total protection product guarantees.
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