Mazzuma is the latest mobile payment solution to hit the Ghanaian market.

If mobile money has been your favourite medium for sending money and paying for services and products here in Ghana. This article will excite you as I am about to introduce you to another platform the gives you the opportunity to send and receive money from any mobile money wallet.
Mazzuma is a mobile payment app you can use to pay your bills, buy airtime for any network, send money to any network and you do all of these using just your mobile money account. You don’t need a Visa card to send money, buy airtime or even pay bills. Assuming you are on Tigo cash and want to send money to someone on MTN mobile money, you can easily do so with the app. You can send money from your Airtel Money, Vodafone Cash to any other mobile money network, without having to go through any stress.
Mazzuma is an English word that can be found in the Dictionary. The original word is ‘MAZUMA’ with just one ‘Z’ and it means ‘Money’ . It’s a Hebrew word which also means ‘cash’ so Mazuma is basically another term for money. The developers thought it wise to make it unique so they added one more ‘Z’ to the word, hence making it ‘MAZZUMA’.

Discover Mazzuma app

Mazzuma app as a payment platform also enables you to buy airtime for any network using your own mobile money. So for instance, you are on MTN Mobile money and you want to buy airtime for someone using Tigo, Vodafone or Airtel, you can easily login to your Mazzuma app and buy that airtime.
Mazzuma also helps you make payment of bills like your DSTV, Gotv, ECG and the rest. All you need to do is login to your Mazzuma app and make that payment with whatever mobile money network you are using.

To you this app, you have to download it from the App Store on your iPhone or Playstore if you are using an android phone.
The developers have also made is easier for you to be able to use Mazzuma without necessarily downloading the app onto your phone. You can make same transactions as you would have done on the app right inside your Facebook Messenger app, which almost everyone has already on their phone. All you need to do is to search for Mazzuma on your messenger and start a chat to do your transactions
Mazzuma is the first payment system that utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to truly simplify payment. Our Facebook bot is a testament to this fact. Also, Mazzuma is the easiest and fastest way to send mobile money across networks.

How to download the Mazzuma app?

For those using iPhones [button content=”Click here to download” color=”red” text=”white” url=”″ openin=”_blank”]
For those using Android, [button content=”Click here to download” color=”red” text=”white” url=”” openin=”_blank”]
For those who want to use it on Facebook Messenger, [button content=”Click here” color=”red” text=”white” url=”” openin=”_blank”]

Mazzuma website integration

Mazzuma can be integrated into websites to accept payments from your customers. Tell your developer to visit the developer portal to find out more on how to integrate it into your website.
You can call Mazzuma on +233-555-957-484
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