Remote work, maximum focus, and productivity can go together. Now that almost everyone is working from home, you will definitely find those who are struggling to maintain the same level of productivity they would normally have. Currently in such a situation? Here are ways to maximize productivity while working from home:

1. Do not work from your bed: Your bed is for sleep and intercourse, work should not be anywhere there. It will do your productivity a lot of good to take your work far away from it. Just create a work station in your house with a chair and a desk, and productivity is guaranteed.

2. Work hours: During this period, 9-5 is no longer compulsory. You are in control of your time especially if your job does not have much to do with deadlines. If you can finish up in 5 hours, just maintain full focus and get it done once and for all.

3. Simulate office routine: Everyone has a default work-mode, a game-face and work routine and you should do everything possible to stick to them. Bath when you should, wear good clothes, prepare the same way you did when you went to the office e.t.c.

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4. Switch off that TV: When you are set to work, do away with the TV and other kinds of distractions for maximum results.

5. Do not overwork yourself: I understand, you are passionate about your job, but you still need to go easy. Rest once in a while and do avoid overworking yourself because there will be consequences.

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