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Have you been looking for creative ways to collect data and other important information like demographics and preferences from your customers and partners?

Google forms has a user-friendly free format that is designed to help businesses to easily collect, sort, and analyze important customer data. Keep reading to learn how to use Google forms to create customized surveys for your business. 

An Introduction to Forms by Google

Forms is one of the popular survey and data collection apps that is powered by Google. This free app was designed with data collection and collaboration in mind. Google forms allow you to create customized surveys to collect information and review the responses in order to discover business trends, answer questions, and to make the most use of your important data.

Google forms is available for use on desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other Google or Android-powered devices. This cloud-based survey data manager is capable of creating and editing forms and data in the office and on the go.

Powerful Built-In Features

Google forms has built-in features for collecting various types of data using drop-down fields, radio buttons, multiple choice options, open-ended questions,  and even has a linear scale option included. Forms are completely customizable so that you can collect data while still adhering to your business theme.

Customize and personalize your Google forms by using your company logo and colors to make your forms stand out. Forms even has a feature that allows you to upload YouTube videos and photos in order to provide clear instructions for filling out your surveys.

Forms has page branching and question skip logic features for detailed and logic based data collection questions. Forms is designed on a responsive framework that makes it easy to create, edit, view, and respond to surveys on any compatible desktop or mobile device. Forms promises to display the same crisp, clear, interactive format regardless of the device that you use to access your forms. 

Searchable Data and Analytics

Data and analytics collected from forms is organized into a searchable format so that you can easily identify important activities and trends by reviewing the data collected in your forms. Learn the sentiment of your customers and partners by reviewing and downloading the results of real-time feedback.

Google forms operates on a similar framework as the other apps in the Google suite of productivity products like sheets and slides, and provides for collaboration on creating, editing, and reviewing forms with a distributed team.

Now that you know a little bit more about Google forms, you should have a few more ideas about how you can incorporate forms into your business framework in order to collect and manage customer and client data. Use forms to manage social campaigns and giveaways or gauge the sentiment of your customers regarding the release of a new product or service. The uses for Google forms for business is unlimited. This free software is an invaluable resource for businesses and brands who incorporate user data collection into their operating strategy. 

Keep Form Data Secure

Due to the sensitive personal nature of the data that can be collected using forms, it is critical that when using analytics and downloading private data that you take all necessary precautions to protect your business and customer data.

Be sure that you’re using hardware and software that has built-in security features for managing user access controls and preventing data theft or loss. Companies like Centrify offer large scale and enterprise level solutions for secure access management protocols. Regardless of what method you choose, always make sure that your important data and customer privacy is protected.


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