Not every man is thinking about intercourse only when he meets a woman. For some of them, they are sincerely searching for something much more than that. To show you the signs that will give such a man away, see how to know a man who wants more than intercourse from you:
1. He takes time to learn about you: According to PulseNG, his SMSes will not be limited to those frustrating WYD (what are you doing) inquiries. He’ll be focused on getting to know you and will keep asking the vital questions to unravel the woman he is genuinely interested in.
2. He is patient: This post is to show you a man who wants more than intercourse from you, not one who does not want sex at all. So he might eventually decide to make bold moves, but he’ll surely take his time and not rush you into anything.
3. He takes you out on dates: If he is taking you out on regular dates, introducing you to his buddies, he is serious with you and the relationship, unlike how hit and run targets are treated.

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4. He lets down his guard: When a man wants more than sex from you, he’ll let go of his hard guy personality and allow himself to be vulnerable around you. If he expresses his emotions shamelessly, seeks your opinion always, considers them, and does the things you ask, he is more serious than you think.
5. He commits: His willingness to commit you to a romantic relationship is the biggest hint of all. Hit and run guys rarely do that.
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