If the love he has for you is genuine, and not deceitful or false, see the things you will never see him do:
1. He will never talk you down: Any man who genuinely likes you will care too much that he would never try to belittle you at any point in time. Your lover should always big you up and not do the opposite. It is great for your mental health.
2. He will never let you fight for him: A guy that loves you will put other girls in their place and never force you to fight with other ladies to keep your man.
3. He won’t let you stay angry: A guy who is truly in love with you will do everything possible to ensure all problems between both of you are resolved before the next day. It proves that he cares about your state of mind at all times.
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4. He won’t allow you to abandon your family:
If he really loves you, he should know that your family is everything. Any guy who pulls you back away from them will not love you the way you want for a long time.
5. He will never put you last: You will always be his priority in all his doings.

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