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Entrepreneur couples frequently face severe problems, live a stress and frustration life that may end up ruining their business or marriage. Staying far from home for business meetings, dinner with business associates, financial strain and not giving family proper time has driven many couples apart.

Most of the time it has compounded that when spouses are business partners, the spark in the marriage and work fade easily. Dealing with daily problems hinder the progress of the business. Conflict arises, and dream of becoming successful entrepreneur vanish from life.

Many couples rightly know how to keep a balance between the work and marriage. These couples live their life happily, celebrate each other success, go on little dinner dates and enjoy the peace of financial stability. All you have to keep few bits of advice in your mind to live a happy married life and balancing business ownership.

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Golden rule – Talk to your partner, time for work:

Well, this is pretty obvious, if somewhere down the line you are not happy with your spouse work rule, not paying attention to family, ignoring essential task and neglecting stuff, then work on it. Talk to your partner that what make them to take things for granted, why they are not focusing on the family? Ask them if they are under pressure, work overloaded or anything, support your spouse if you want to keep a balance between marriage and business.

Ask your partner to switch off their phone on vacation and don’t reply work email on Sunday’s. This will indeed bring the romance back in your life. Spend some quality time together and communicate with each other.

Additionally, you can consult a counsellor; there is nothing to feel sorry about it. If there are bumps in the road, but you have a good marriage, then work on it! Getting help from other is not shameful. It’s the mark of wisdom, not a failure.

Create a goal list and share your vision:

The second golden rule to live a happy entrepreneur marriage life is to sit at least once in a week with your partner and share your work thoughts and ideas. You both have to work on to pull the things together rather than pulling apart. Set some goals for your business, marriage and of course family.

Be clear on your availability at home & work:

The third golden rule of a happy entrepreneur marriage life is nurturing your marriage. Just like a plant cannot survive without the water and sunlight, your family also need you to grow happiness.

The easiest way to reconnect with your family is that when you come home right after the office make sure to eliminate yourself from all the work and connect with your spouse and children. Make the family dinner or date dinner a priority. Remember you are your own boss, so decide the work accordingly. Your family needs your love and support, no matter how successful you are. So, be there for them.

Tackle the power of personality:

Well, there are four types of character- dreamers, thinkers, closers and healers.

Dreamers are full of energy and believe in hard work. They are magnificent in innovation and always be hopeful. So, if your spouse is the dreamer, honour their power. Allow them to do creative and fun things. They might be struggling with distraction, but you have to support them.

Knowledge and details drive thinkers. They might be unemotional and meticulous. Thinkers believe in doing the work until everything is perfect. If your partner in thinkers, express your gratitude and praise them for their excellent contribution. Always ready to help them.

Closers are known for accomplishment and success. Sometimes they may be harsh, but their intention is not to hurt anyone. They always ready to accomplish the task and find a way to overcome obstacles. If you have closers partner, be direct to them.

Healers are quite emotional. At times they are over-sensitive and easily offended. If your partner is a healer, consider your words patiently and try to avoid personal attacks. Listen each other and validate them, don’t rush to a conclusion directly. Be there to stand for their values and ideas.

Hence, these are few incredible pieces of advice which entrepreneur couple should learn to lead a happy marriage work life.

Author bio: Karan is a blogger, optimizer and owner of For The Closet who lives in Hertfordshire, UK. He creates the blog posts to publish his work that users can find interesting too.


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